Funded Research

2016 Funded Research

Sickle Cell Disease Quality Metrics and Health Outcomes

Comparative/Cost-Effectiveness of Early vs. Delayed Treatment of Chronic Hepatitis C Virus (HCV)

Diagnostic Performance Dashboard to Reduce Diagnostic Error & Enhance Value Using Big Data


2017 Funded Research

The RCC is pleased to announce funding for the following 4 research studies from April, 2017-March 30, 2018:

  1. Racial Disparities in Hypertension (RADISH): Decomposing the effects of risk factor distribution and risk factor impact on racial disparities.
    Principal Investigators: Suma Vupputuri, PhD and Romsai Tony Boonyasai, MD
  2. Evaluating the Uptake of Screening and Preventative Strategies for Patients at High Risk for Breast Cancer.
    Principal Investigators: Kala Visvanathan, MD and Monica Ter-Minassian, ScD
  3. Estimating changes in liver fibrosis over time and in specific subgroups with transient elastography (TE).
    Principal Investigators: Carla V. Rodriguez, PhD and Tinsay Woreta, MD
  4. Assessing the Relationship between Parental Activation and Obesity-related Health Behaviors among Overweight and Obese Low-income Racial/Ethnic Minority Young Patients.
    Principal Investigators: Nakiya N. Showell, MD and Deborah Rohm Young, PhD